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Everyone talks about Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), the Media, Country Leaders and Representatives - yet do we really have a clue how they actually work or what significance they actually have?   
A. Remember, this is not a moment of despair.
At first, it might be all looking a bit daunting, however, you are not alone.
Fortunately, it is not necessary. When it comes to SDGs, there is nothing pointing in trying to reinvent the wheel and at the same time probably your company is more likely to already be a contributor in several ways.
Identifying objectives which you can control and how you can influence them is the enabler.
Typically, your "how" is completely different from what you're experiencing, yet you have a series of tools at your fingertips, like the SDG Guidelines as well UN Global Compact Network Thailand, to assist your corporation in determining the goals that are best for both you and your business.
B. Utilize your ecosystem of value

SDGs are not a single approach, nor do they seek to be a single concept.
Although SDG 2 (zero hunger) might be less immediately important to your corporation, the influence your company may have might be wider than you imagine. 
Viewing a company's operations, there are multiple individual goals at various stages of the corporate value chain. By focusing on each of these specific objectives, the opportunity could emerge to really make a difference.
Nevertheless, keep in mind, that any attempt to achieve all goals at one time can lead to a too fragmented distribution and a lack of meaningful action.
C. Delivering added corporate value through the SDGs
We can only comprehend how SDGs enhance business value if we understand how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) improves the value generated within the business. 
Through establishing added value for the stakeholders, we foster value for the company and for our business stakeholders.
D. It is not another concept
At Global Compact Network Thailand, we encourage you to leverage the goals to lead your company's business activities and find out about the "how", but at the same time should report on your achievements in the context of existing policies and Indicators that best fit you
For us when seeing how our members' contributions are part of something bigger, is incredibly exciting. 

Do you want to become part of something bigger?

Infographic: International Council for Science.