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The future!

2050 and not speaking of hunger around the globe - is it possible? According to SAP, it is possible.

Nevertheless, at the same time, it seems like a big undertaking, considering that experts estimate food production must grow by 70% to feed around 2.2 billion more people by this time.

According to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, approximately one in nine people in the world today (815 million) are undernourished. Asia being the continent with the hungriest people – two-thirds of the total. Moreover, Southern Asia is facing the greatest hunger burden, with about 281 million undernourished people.

Although those numbers are big, ending hunger is achievable if the world – and businesses such as yours – adopt more sustainable practices.

This won’t be easy, especially with the strains that climate change will bring and there are no easy answers but it can be done.

So where do we start? At first, we will need better mechanisms to handle the food we produce. It’s estimated that above 30% of food is wasted. Further, a better prediction of demand through the use of Data Science will be crucial to deliver products to the right markets and to counter for food waste in order to provide a surplus to those who are hungry.

Summed up Innovation will be KEY !!

"Zero Hunger" is only one of the Sustainable Development Goals, which are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

If you want to read on and find out more on the topic Zero Hunger or any other specific goal please go to to learn more about each issue.