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SDGs Academy

Introducing SDG Action Manager

Although important progress has been made by the business community, we have a lot more work to do to achieve our vision of a better and more sustainable future for all.

Not only do the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) identify where we should be in 2030 to create the sustainable world we seek, but they also provide a unique chance for all sectors to rally around a common global agenda – one that unites us to take responsibility to improve people’s lives and save our planet.

For this reason, the United Nations Global Compact is introducing the SDG Action Manager to provide all types of businesses with an opportunity to learn about, manage, and directly improve their sustainability performance.SDG

Mobilize your business as a force for good

Developed in cooperation with B Lab, the SDG Action Manager is a web-based impact management solution to enable businesses to take action on the Sustainable Development Goals through 2030.

The SDG Action Manager brings together B Lab’s B Impact Assessment, the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, and the Sustainable Development Goals, to enable meaningful business action through dynamic self-assessment, benchmarking, and improvement. It is informed by the work and feedback of a range of stakeholders, including experts in corporate sustainability, civil society, UN, and academia; and it is inspired by the Certified B Corp community and participating companies of the UN Global Compact.

How should companies use the SDG Action Manager? 

  1. Understand & define which SDGs matter most to the company:
    1. The self-assessment is in itself a list of desired practices for each of the SDGs. Companies can therefore learn and define, which actions they can take to contribute to a certain SDG.
    2. The tool allows the company to understand how it is performing today on the SDGs and to track progress.
    3. The tool provides access to concrete example and more detailed info and guidance via the UNGC smart library.
  2. Prioritize SDG actions based on industry and company size
    1. Goal Setting
    2. Committing & Tracking progress
    3. Understanding
    4. Embedding



Managing Your Impacts on the SDGs and

the Ten Principles of the UN Global


According to a recent survey of companies participating in the UN Global Compact, 77% of businesses say that the UN Global Compact should provide guidance for companies on how to implement sustainability into business strategies and operations. In this Academy session, you will learn how to assess and improve your company’s contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the SDG Action Manager — a new impact management solution that enables companies to take meaningful business action and track progress through dynamic self-assessment, benchmarking and improvement.

Watch the video below for a live demo and tips on the best ways to leverage the functionalities of the tool as well as insights from companies that are already using it. Developed by the UN Global Compact in collaboration with B Lab, the SDG Action Manager gives companies the opportunity to set clear goals on the SDGs and benchmark progress against industry standards. In addition, the tool provides access to a curated portfolio of tools, guidance material and resources.

SDG Action Manager Champion Success Story

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