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Formalisation of Micro Enterprises in ASEAN POLICY INSIGHT 2020

This was a special request to review the policies currently in place within AMS regarding the level of informality and to assist them in developing regional guidelines to improve the registration of informal enterprises and to reduce the size of the informal enterprise sector. As part of this endeavour, the OECD was invited to organise a Policy Dialogue on the Formalisation of Micro Enterprises. In keeping with Thailand’s ASEAN Chairmanship, the Office of SMEs Promotion (OSMEP) Thailand was a collaborating partner for the Policy Dialogue. This policy dialogue would provide input to the deliberations of the 4th Meeting of the ASEAN Task Force on “Starting a Business,” (held in Bangkok on 26th June 2019), as well as for the implementation of the ASEAN Work Programme on Starting a Business (2016- 2025) in general.

Download: Formalisation of Micro Enterprises in ASEAN POLICY INSIGHT 2020
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