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The circular economy is a key instrument to enhance and implement national climate plans, thereby achieving our shared climate ambitions. How can countries and communities best integrate circular economy in these climate strategies? This session focuses on the mitigation potential and development opportunities of the circular transition. Our panel will share their insights on how countries can use circular economy to develop along a sustainable and Paris-proof pathway.

Read or Download: Circular Indicators for Governments

The circular economy is a vision for a future economy that provides for the needs and wants of society within healthy planetary boundaries. Currently, however, this remains only a vision: our current linear economy upsets the balance between the economy and nature. Although this is unsustainable, it continues to accelerate.
This report describes how businesses can measure an indication of circularity of their organisation, product or value chain, and how they can use that information to create or transform to a more sustainable—and circular—business model. Ultimately, this report provides the guidance needed for change agents to select the most suitable metric to measure, and fast-track, circularity in their organisation.
Read or Download: Circular Metrics for Business

Read or Download: Bellagio Declaration Circular Economy Monitoring Principles Abstract

World Circular Economy Forum +Climate

Globally, 70% of emissions are linked to material handling/use, with extraction predicted to almost double by 2060. Circular measures could help reduce sectoral emissions up to 40% by 2050. How can we jumpstart the collaboration between supply and demand side stakeholders along the value chain to move from insights to concrete action? Join us for this session exploring partnerships and policy enablers to accelerate innovative business models and strategies for circular industry transformation.

In this session, high level participants from governments, international organisations and the private sector share their concrete commitments and achievements on the circular economy as a necessity for climate neutrality. For more information about the CE Champions Commitments participants

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