Thailand's Climate Leaders : NRF’S SUSTAINABILITY JOURNEY


Without doubt, changes in the food and sustainability world indicate that if we can’t afford to take good care of the land that feeds us, we’re in an insurmountable mess.

Standing out among leading manufacturers of sustainably produced foods is purpose-led NRF Instant Produce PCL (NRF). The company has taken a journey from being a grass-roots company to a shop-house factory and now a global food company that leads with manufacturing processes weaving together ethnic, functional and plant-based food products aspects to create high quality, affordable, plant-based products. 

The rising food-for-future and SET-listed giant is led by Dan Pathomvanich, CEO, climate actor, and plant-based foodie who is betting on making the world a better place through zero-emission manufacturing in the food industry. 

“We are aiming to become a global leader in the manufacture of plant-based foods through a sustainable food ecosystem,” he states. “This approach will not only yield sustainable growth for the company but also help cushion the rapidly mounting global issues arising from meat manufacturing which is a highly carbon-intensive commodity.”


Despite the recent global trend for environmentally sustainable foods, NRF has been a seasoned manufacturer of specialty foods for over 30 years. Now it is setting a goal to refine functional aspects in production and eco-friendly packing. 

The company’s strong will clearly shows in its active engagement with numerous environmental causes. These distinctions include being the first company in Thailand to adopt Science Based Targets (SBTi) guidelines, and join in 1.5 Degrees Pledge and Race to Zero campaign. It is also one of the first companies to utilise Blue Carbon resources from seaweed and to be listed on Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) since its first IPO in 2021, NRF has been included in ESG100, FTSE All World Index by Micro Cap, and the Top 24 ESG Emerging list. Currently, the company is exploring solutions to transit to net-zero carbon emissions, aiming to achieve this by 2030, or even sooner.

NRF’s quality is assured by being the first company in Thailand to receive British Retail Consortium recognition in 2004. It also boasts IFS, GMP, FDA, and Halal standard certifications, among others. The company is now pacing to expand its food empire through its existing online and offline distributors in more than 30 countries worldwide. 

“Our high manufacturing capacity comes from four Thailand-based factories, along with one in Europe, giving us over 80,000 metric tons annual manufacturing capacity. Our operation aims to minimise environmental impact from the food industry while promoting policies that endorse sustainable food value chains and achieve circular economy efficiencies. This especially allows us to elevate fresh produce growers’ quality of life. After all, they are the most crucial supplying force behind our operation.”

“Also essential to our sustainable operation is the adoption of UNSDGs,” the CEO emphasises. 

For several years he has been on the UN Global Compact Network Thailand’s subcommittee on the environment. The subcommittee’s objective is to create environmental awareness and public and private engagement in Thailand and overseas. 

“As a one-stop-service and food-for-future company, we utilise advanced agricultural and manufacturing technologies. We collaborate with multiple NGOs worldwide to expand our alternative plant-based produce that are essential to creating positive change in the world environmentally and even existentially,” Dan said.

“In 2019, we were on Big Idea to find crews to develop a global ecosystem partnership. We also partnered with Boosted Ecommerce which helped us achieve $1-billion unicorn status from our initial $80 million capital. Meanwhile, our operation has thrived to 400 million baht with EBITDA of 180 million baht. Having achieved our goal to cast light on a new food platform according to our 2018-2020 plan, we now plan to top our food-related digital platform by 2023.” 

Besides commercial growth, NRF is a consistent force helping to bring into existence many NGOs and environment-focused campaigns, including Food Shot, Root for Future in Thailand, and Forum for the Future. 

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